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    Bauer Dunham & Barr
    Bauer Dunham & Barr is a full-service, one-stop marketing agency offering everything you need
    to increase brand awarenessand grow your clientele. For over 35 years, we have worked
    with clients, offering everything you need to establish and grow your business
    and keep it in front of new and existing clients.
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    We Provide Marketing
    Solutions for Business
    Our goal is to partner with our clients, minimize overhead, and provide them
    with the best quality and personalized product that fits their needs and
    budget with outstanding customer service and response. In short, we can
    develop our client’s product to their specifications at a competitive price.
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    Logo and Tagline
    Simplicity of Design &
    Attention to Detail
    With our combined experience in graphic / web design, site development,
    programming, search engine optimization and social media management
    you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our team can
    deliver great quality work in a timely manner.